Saturday, March 14, 2009

Corpus Christi BayYacht Club

Today was cold and rainy all day. I guess the 500 miles of rain that we drove through yesterday needed a whole day to catch up. Tonight is cloudy but no rain. Tomorrow should be nice but cool. The accomplishments today were to drain and refill the water tank and to empty the old boat gas into the truck and replace it with fresh gas. We syphoned the water tank into the bilge to test the bilge pumps. The pumps worked fine but we are going to have to install check valves in the drain lines.

We also introduced ourselves into the Corpus Christi Bay Yacht Club. It seemed like a lot of nice people and it will be fun to have more acquaintenances down here. The people in the Lubbock Bicycle Club were the best part of bicycling. We hope to make a similar group of friends here.

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