Friday, March 13, 2009

Not Just Any Port, Our Port

Spring break has finally arrived and we made the long drive to Corpus today. It rained every mile. How often are 500 miles of Texas all covered with rain at the same time?

We had some trepidation about traveling on Friday the 13th. When we sailed in February on Friday the 13th, Walt sacrificed sunglasses, a hat, and a coffee press to Neptune (overboard). We had no misfortunes today but others weren't as lucky. We saw 3 wrecks--two of them looked very serious. We also saw a lot of Texas Tech students headed happily south at a high speed.

It is not so much a relief as it is a happy reassurance every time we arrive and find Breaking Away safe and afloat. In our bedtime reading, we have both recently finished Farley Mowat's "The Boat That Wouldn't Float." Great book and very funny if it is someone else's boat.

Arriving in Corpus is always like a big sigh. After all that goes on in the other life it is great to have this port for that storm.


Josh said...

Don't get sick this time!

Dr. Oler, are you going to make the backpacking trip? Let me know so we can plan the food out....

Josh :)

eben said...

not the coffee press! noooooooooooooo!