Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break Photos

Late but as promised, here are photos from the spring break trip to Corpus.

Lori, this one's for you.

There are more pictures from our boat on the link below.
more photos: Breaking Away

There is a pet pieve among those who overnight in their boats and that is boat owners who don't secure their halyards. Turn up the volume for the video below and listen to the racket. That is all from lines slapping against masts in the wind.

more photos: Marina Sights & Sounds

The Corpus Christi Yacht Club has sailing/racing lessons for little kids who don't look like they could be in junior high. There were only 3 out on this day but we have seen a dozen sailing at a time. They sail behind the marina breakwater and out on the bay in winds where a lot of the big boats stay at the dock. The kids are fearless.
more photos: Sailing School

On Wednesday nights, the yacht club has races that start and finish right in front of the marina T-heads. It can get crowded at the start of the races. When we were down for Valentine's weekend, we saw a boat captain get confused at the start of a race and crash squarely into a concrete pier. The concrete turned out to be much tougher than the fiberglass.
more photos: Wednesday Night Races

The last weekend that we were there, the yacht club hosted an event in the Texas J/24 Race Series. These guys were pretty serious. There are more pictures on the link below. Some of them were taken at too large of a distance. We didn't know how close we could get without getting in the way.
more photos: J/24 Races

Here is a random collection of boat pictures: Spring Break Boats

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