Friday, March 20, 2009

Anchors Aweigh

Today started calm and foggy but quickly turned windy and sunny. We were a little tired from our previous two days of "voyaging" and decided to keep it simple today. The big events were to lower and raise the anchor which, for a sailboat, is a lot more complicated than it sounds. We managed to stick it in the bottom twice and got it back up both times. Hurray. After a couple of hours out, the winds got up in the 20-25 mph range and the boat was pitching, rolling, and heeling about 25 degrees. We put the first reef into the main and partially furled the jib. That helped with the heeling but the pitching and rolling continued until we got back to the marina. I got some good video of the afternoon and will post it when we get home.

This evening, we drove over to Ingleside on the Bay which is a small coastal community on the other side of the bay. While there, we found one of the houses that Kathy's grandfather had remodelled after his retirement.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Corpus for this trip. The winds are forecast to be high again. The interesting part will be J/24 races that are part of the Texas Series. The J/24 are fast little hotrods and it should be exciting.

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