Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inauspicious Beginnning

With no sailing on Saturday, we were determined to get out today. It was cloudy and cold but we bundled up to give it a try. Our plan was just motor out and make a few runs to adjust the deviation on the compass. We didn't even uncover the sails.

As we approached the exit to the breakwater, the motor, which had been running great, abruptly died. A few pulls on the starter rope didn't do any good and we were rapidly drifting towards the shore. To add to the excitement, it started raining lightly. Definitely not a good beginning.

We unfurled the jib, which is easy and fast to do, so that we would have some stearage. Then, we uncovered and raised the mainsail. With both sails up, we were able to tack out of the marina into the bay. With some time and room to work, we tried again to start the motor but no luck. So, we decided to heck with it and just went sailing. The rain continued for half an hour and then quit. It was cool but bearable and we had a nice afternoon. After an hour or so, we tried the motor again and it ran perfectly.

In the middle of the afternoon, the wind dropped and rain started coming in from the south. We were about a mile out from the marina so we decide to start the motor and go back in under power. What are the chances of that working?

The motor started on the 3rd pull, ran like a charm all the way in, and we were tying up at the dock when the rain started. Sometimes, you just have to have faith.

We haven't seen temperatures above 60 so far but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and in the 80s. And, that is supposed to continue all week. Whoopee.

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