Thursday, May 30, 2013

wood good. water bad.

There is a saying that is often repeated among our friends here in the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina.  "Wood good. Water bad."  That is intended to remind us to watch where we put our feet and that is what I forgot to do yesterday morning. The consequences of my lapse in attention were that I bounced between a boat and the dock and ended up in the water.

After climbing out and drying off, Kathy took me to a local emergency room where a doctor determined that I had fractured the pinky finger and the bone below the ring finger in my left hand.  They fixed me up with a very impressive splint and bandage.

In my bounces and ricochets, I also managed to get a bonk on the forehead and to scrape both legs and my right arm.  Every extremity was involved.  However, none of that was serious.

This morning, we visited an orthopedic surgeon and learned that I will need a pin in the pinky to straighten it out and screws for the bone in my hand.  That is scheduled as outpatient surgery for next Wednesday.  After the surgery, it will take another six weeks to completely heal.

So, our progress towards getting ourselves and our boat outfitted for cruising has hit a temporary snag.  Fortunately, our immediate plans were to have the boat hauled out of the water so that it could be inspected and some work done on the hull and mast.  I was only going to be an observer for most of that so we won't loose time there.

Remember: "Wood good. Water bad." 

what I have learned about retirement

I noticed that my parents and many other "elderly" people that I have known utilized pillboxes to organize their medications.  I always assumed that it was because of the effects of age on their memory and that they needed help remembering what they were supposed to be taking.

Well now I am retired and officially a senior citizen myself and I have learned the truth.  Those pillboxes are actually calendars for retired people.  Today must be Thursday.