Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ham radio: the original tweeter

Onboard communication is important for staying in touch. A single-sideband radio continues to be a significant choice for many sailors. Besides the obvious ability to stay in touch, SSB radios are also good for receiving email, weather faxes and local port/passage information.

 Now, I (Kathy) have never used one, never seen one used, and never really looked closely past the knobs and buttons. But, I am now the designated communications officer aboard s/v Suppose, having achieved the Technician and the General licenses by completing two exams.

What can I say. I crammed. Sometimes, I remembered a smidgen of high school physics and engineering osmosis from Walt. Sometimes, I used my knowledge of multiple-choice test creation bad habits (i.e. the longest answer is the correct answer).

I am now the proud holder of a call sign KF5YGW. Don't try to call yet! Suppose doesn't have her SSB yet! Plus, I would not know how to answer!


Pat said...

Our son Gerald, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, now, is also a ham. He has a mobile unit in his jeep Cherokee. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to sail at Heron Lake in northern NM this year -- the lake was so low that the marina is sitting in mud.

Pat said...

PS, A couple of our sailing friends moved from El Paso and Elephant Butte Lake to the Corpus area -- Jim Johnson and Sheri Henneberger; they live on a canal on North Padre about a mile south of the JFK causeway; Sheri works with the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce.

Karen said...

Your talents never cease to amaze me!