Monday, April 25, 2011

New Boat!!!

A great weekend at Corpus, even without any sailing!!! Anna and Alex spent the weekend with us and that was great fun. We got to share our favorite spots in Corpus including our boat "Breaking Away" and the marina, beach, Ocean Drive, and the Water Street Oyster Bar (very disappointing this time). But the real highlight for the weekend was sharing the excitement of making a deal on a new boat. This is "Red Hand", a Cape Dory 31. It is a real blue water boat and is fully capable of taking us anywhere we have the nerve to try to go.

A very big plus for this boat is the couple we are buying it from, Roger and Debbie. They are a great couple and have taken excellent care of this boat.

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Dorey Schmidt said...

The new boat is an excellent choice of type —Dor[e]y—! So who are you hiring as captain to sail you to Spain this summer? Congratulations!