Monday, January 19, 2009

No Drama

The number one item on the agenda for this weekend was to solve the motor problem. Actually, it turned out not to be a motor problem but an operator problem. I discovered that I had not fully opened the vent on the gas tank. Its amazing how well a motor will run when it can get gas. We ran it for about 30 minutes in the slip on Friday and all seemed good.

We motored out of the marina on Saturday, sailed for 3 hours, and motored back in. No drama. We did it again on Sunday and sailed for 5 hours. No drama. It was amazing.

The MLK weekend makes our third trip to Corpus in December and January. Because of the motor/operator issues, we have only been sailing for 5 days but a lot of improvements have been made to the boat and we have learned a tremendous amount. Now we are ready to go.

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Josh said...

Motors need gas to run... Check!

Do you still backpack too? Or do you ride and sail mostly? I'm not sure if my Dad told you, but we recently found our way through our "lost trail" coming down off of Jicarita into Tres Ritos. We (along with Mr. Arnold and Mr. Markham).