Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last day for this trip

After struggling to make a landing in the marina last night, we were greatly relieved to be tied at a dock ,celebrated with pizza and wine and went to bed exhausted. We were woken at 4:30 by a line of thunderstorms that the weather service reported with average winds of 40 mph and higher gusts. We were on the upwind side of a concrete dock so every gust just pounded the boat into the dock. Fortunately, we had enough bumpers with us to cushion the boat and avoid damage. After 30-40 minutes, the winds let up and we could go back to sleep.

Today, the winds were still high. Kathy did our laundry for the week and I put new spark plugs in the boat engine. That seemed to have it running ok so we were able to move it to our slip. No damage from the night of wind. This afternoon, I installed the new compass and we did a few odd jobs on the boat. Late in the afternoon, we tried to go out but the engine was acting up and we gave it up.

Tomorrow, we head home. It's been a great week

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