Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It has been extremely satisfying to share our new sailing life with our Facebook friends. Some of you are new acquaintances from Corpus Christi who have much greater nautical experience than us and others are from Lubbock and before who wouldn't know your port from your starboard. I wouldn't presume to expound on sailing lore with our Corpus friends.  So, this and a lot of the upcoming posts are for that latter group. 

Let's start with how we (sailors) refer to the rest of you (non-sailors). If you are not a sailor, then you must be a land lover. But in nautical slang, we refer to you as a land lubber or simply, a lubber. 

So, hello to all of you lubbers. We miss you. 

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Dorey Schmidt said...

I am comforted from my misgivings about open sea sailing by the fact that your vessel is designated as a "Dory" model. As a good omen, that spelling is close enough. I can envision that the boat holds you both in its arms and keeps you safe from mishap—just as I would if I were there.