Thursday, December 19, 2013

life is good...

It is hard to believe that we made the decision to start our retirement less than a year ago and that we have already been in Corpus Christi and living on the boat for seven months.  We are still adjusting but have not been disappointed with all this life style has to offer, not the least of which is the opportunity and time to reconnect as a couple.

Yesterday, we took a break from our "boat work" projects to go for an afternoon sail.  The temperature was in the upper 60's and the wind was moderate but steady.  We were greeted by dolphins immediately after leaving the marina, one of which came up to the boat and dove directly underneath.  We were out for 3 hours, exercised all of our sails, sailed on all points of sail, and learned a little more about our boat.

We still anticipate a little bit of excitement every time we return to the dock but yesterday's docking maneuver was totally without drama.  After the boat is secured, we invariably share a hug and a kiss.  Most days, like yesterday, that is in acknowledgement and appreciation for a nice afternoon spent together.  However, sometimes, it can also be an apologetic kiss for a harsh word spoken during a tense moment during the sail.  Either way, the kiss makes it all good.

Then, it is time to tuck the boat in with all of the covers and lashings that keep things dry and quiet if it should start to rain or the wind blows during the night.  We can't help but step back and admire how pretty S/V Suppose is in this setting.

After the sailing, we were hungry but neither of us was very eager to set up to start cooking supper.  The solution to that problem is obvious - Pizza Hut and box wine.  We ordered carry out and when I returned, I was greeted by a frequent evening visitor on the dock.  He is something over 3 ft. tall and appears to be a crane but we haven't been able to identify the type.  He lets you get to within 20-30 feet, then spreads his long wings and makes an ungainly leap into the air with a hoarse parting squawk to express his displeasure - very amusing and a perfect ending for a magical day.

Last night, I made a Facebook post with a couple of pictures from the day.  My sister, Karen, quickly gave it a Like and posted the comment "Life is good..."  I have to agree. We are very fortunate and extremely thankful that we can be here doing this together.  Life is, indeed, very good.


Karen said...

My hear smiles at this post. I am so happy you guys are living the dream.

Karen said...

My heart smiles... (must learn to proofread!)

Jo said...

Lovely mediation. You two are living your life well.