Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new home for 'breaking away'

We got into Corpus at about 7:30 last night and it is as warm as we hoped. Arriving at the boat this time was very nice as everything was in just about the same shape as when we were last here in October. Usually, we find rusty stainless steel, weathered wood, and unexpected water and mildew. We had dinner at the Water Street Oyster Bar and went to bed early.

This morning was wet and rainy so we had breakfast at the Iguana Cafe and ran errands. When we stopped by the Marina office to pick up a permit and pay the slip rental, we found that slips were available on the newer piers. We decided to move up and spent the rest of the day accomplishing that.

This is a floating pier which means that it will rise and fall with the boat when the tide level changes. That makes tying up easier and is also safer during storm surges. The pier also has a better security gate with an easy to operate lock, good lights, and better restrooms.

The new pier also has full length 'finger piers' which extend out along the side of the boat. The previous slip also had finger piers but they only extended about half the length of the boat. We always had to climb up and over the life line and then walk across the deck to get to the cockpit. This is much nicer. We can lower the lifeline and step directly into the cockpit.

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