Monday, September 6, 2010

Not what we expected

Another busy summer and not much sailing but we finally made it to Corpus this weekend. This trip was somewhat special because it has been a while since we have visited the boat and it was also my 60th birthday. We celebrated by having dinner at the Water Street Oyster Bar which is, so far, our favorite Corpus restaurant (there are many more to try). We like sitting at the bar, drinking the draft beer, and eating the tastiest appetizers on the menu.

The weekend's surprise was discovering that the power was out for our end of the R-pier. That meant that our on-board battery was dead and more importantly, we couldn't run our little hatch mounted air-conditioner at night. We suffered through the first night but bailed at midnight on the second night. It turns out that it is hard to find a hotel room in Corpus Christi on Saturday night of Labor Day weekend. We ended up in a Hampton Inn 10 miles north of town at 2:00 am. It was bliss.

The sailing was good Saturday and Sunday. There was one relatively large adventure on Saturday. It was hot and we decided to anchor and go for a swim. But, we underestimated the wind and chop on the bay. With the boat pitching on the chop, we abandoned the idea of a swim. Then the problem was pulling the boat up to the anchor (against the wind) and getting the anchor out of the mud. We stuggled for an hour and a half but finally managed it. We were pooped and called it a day.

It was not the weekend we anticipated, but we never have a bad visit to Corpus and are already looking forward to getting back in October.

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alex eben meyer said...

air conditioning!? why didn't you just sail out a bit, drop anchor and enjoy the cool breezes of the sea!?