Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to Our Blog

Kathy is a retired arts administrator and Walt is a soon-to-be-retired engineering professor. Our dream is to retire to a sailboat and to travel. This blog will be used to share our adventures as we develop our sailing skills and gain experience.

Our first boat was a Sunflower which we purchased in 1975 while students at the University of Texas. It was little more than a Styrofoam ice chest with a sail but we had a lot of fun with it.

Thirty-three years later we bought our second boat, a Buccaneer 18. It is a much nicer sailboat and it has been great for developing our sailing skills.

We can sail the Buccaneer at Lake Alan Henry which is about 50 miles from Lubbock. The area in front of the dam is large enough for the wind to be fairly consistent.

We bought the Buccaneer in March 2008 and then in August we purchased our first "big boat", a Catalina 25. Our dream is to retire to a sailboat in a few years and the Catalina is the next step in our training program. We moved the boat from Alubquerque NM to our home in Lubbock where it sat for 4 months while we made improvements and waited for the hurricane season to end.

Finally, on November 14, our good friend, Rickey, helped us move the Catalina to Corpus Christi which will be its permanent home.

We haven't sailed the Catalina 25 yet but that will soon change. We are looking forward to 8-10 days of sailing in December and January.

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